Turn a blank page into a story on stage at 3Theatre’s Summer ‘Smile!’ Project.

Create and perform your own show with the help of your expert tutors.

3Theatre aims to build confidence, encourage communication,
creativity and provide an inspirational,

fun environment where imaginations can soar!

Each of these workshops donates a percentage of proceeds to ‘Hearts and Minds’ charity ( Further details below)

Be part of the story.

Summer Holiday

July 31st – August 4th 2017

Age 6 and over

Showcase: Friday 4th / 2pm




Each one of the ‘ Smile!’ weeks donates a prcentage of proceeds to a charity of it’s choice.

The Easter week workshop 2017 will work to promote ‘ Hearts and Minds’ charity who provide the Clowndoctors for sick children in Hospice and Hospitals through out Scotland. By participating in this particular workshop we can all work to bring a smile to all children and their families who need it the most.

Sometimes the best gift is simply a smile.